The Meaning & Symbolism Of The Heart In Jewelry

The Meaning & Symbolism Of The Heart In Jewelry

Jewelry is not just an accessory but a piece that exemplifies our personality. Jewelry being an essential part of our lives depicts a lot about our ideas and perspectives.

With time, the world of jewelry introduced shapes and elements that symbolize a special meaning and character to jewelry pieces.

Among an array of shapes and designs, there’s one shape that never fails to mesmerize humans with its beauty and meaning. The heart shape.


Hearts Valley Baroque Necklace.18K Gold on Brass.


 The symbol of love, the heart shape is known as the most blissful depiction of affection and romance. So much so that it can be seen almost everywhere from emojis and cushions to cakes and tattoos.

But putting it on as a piece of jewelry signifies its meaning to even greater lengths. Being one of the most popular jewelry designs, the heart shape never fails to present versatility in its designs and different meanings. You can adorn a heart in almost any jewelry piece then whether it's a necklace, earrings, bracelets, or rings.

This symbol of love can have varied meanings depending on the person who wears it. It is solely their choice to pick the right meaning for their heart.

But there are a few heart designs that are tied to a particular feeling/emotion or we can say a phase of life that a person experiences.

 An open heart symbolizes persistence in giving and receiving love. An open heart bearer is someone willing to give and receive an endless amount of love. It symbolizes a person’s desire to welcome love and good things into their lives.

The perfect symbol to express your love to your better half is a broken heart. How beautiful is it to give a part of your heart to someone who truly deserves it? This symbol represents the two halves of the heart when you are apart, only to make it a whole when you unite.

One of the most adorable heart symbols is the cupid arrow heart. The literal meaning of this symbol is deep-struck love. You know the feeling when you are so much in love that words cannot do justice to the way you feel. Well, then this is the symbol you need to say it all without actually saying it.

Expressing your love can be difficult at times because a feeling so special cannot be bounded within words. Love in itself is such a liberating expression that sometimes it requires a little more than just words. Heart shapes in jewelry have a long-held history as a symbol of love and endearment. So don’t ever hesitate to gift a charming heart to your loved ones, something that always reminds them of you.