The Essential Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

The Essential Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

Make this year’s unwrapping experience a memorable one with our holiday gift guide for your loved ones.

And don’t forget to make yourself feel special with a gift for yourself.

Minimalism at its FINEST

When it comes to styling jewelry, minimalism will probably never go out of style. Its chic elegance and sophistication are something that makes it timeless.

Minimalists are crazy about jewelry but in a totally different way. They like to style their outfits in a way that each element in their outfit tells a coherent story including their jewelry.

You cannot go wrong with the Tiny Heart Necklace and Ophelia Ring and if you’re looking for an everyday style kinda piece, the New York Necklace has all the spark.



Statement hoops

They say you make a first impression with your eyes and a statement with your ears. Statement hoops are in vogue at the moment and there’s no better time to put your style foot forward with these versatile and classic pieces.

The wide variety in their sizes and textures is what makes them an everyday staple for everyone. There's always the right piece for everyone. And the embellished diamonds make them the star of the show.

The Hear Hoop Earrings are perfect for when you want to keep things classic but if you’re looking for that pop of vibrance, choose the Twin Heart Earrings.


Vintage GLAM

Simply define the term VINTAGE, it is a nuanced approach touching on the air of grace, glamour, and nostalgia.
Even with fast fashion on the rise, it’s always tough to take your eyes off a vintage piece. Such is the charm of nostalgia.
We suggest getting your hands on the timeless Pearl Heart Collection for your loved ones. Or get indulged in the story of rings with the Vintage Chain Ring and Playing Cards Trio Necklace.

Color BOMB

 A fresh shot of hue is all you need to cancel out the chills of the holiday season. You are allowed to go every bit crazy and pick out all the bright and popping colors you want.

Colors have the power to spill magic, so why not make it a part of your gift collection this season? Pick out this Juicy Pomegranate necklace for that absolute Diva moment or go out with these cheeky Cherry Earrings for rocking the holiday theme.


Secret LOVE language

There’s something extremely special about secret romance. Maybe it’s about feeling special and loved by someone without anyone else knowing.

Doesn’t matter whether you love keeping your love life secret or just love to flaunt your special someone, a couple jewelry should be a must on your shopping list. Add a touch of warmth and meaning to your love life with our reversable Me+You Ring in gold or Matching Heart Earrings in silver.


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